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Supporting Business Owners


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Don’t let all of the hard work you put toward growing your business dissolve because of uncontrollable current events. Here at Lawrence A. Garvey & Associates, we have years of experience in helping individuals and businesses who are facing an economic crisis, and we want to help you during this one.

Don’t blame yourself for the struggles your business is facing right now. Just about every individual in the nation is facing some form of uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. What’s important is taking advantage of these unusual times, and deciding how you can best start preparing yourself and your business for the future.

At Lawrence A. Garvey & Associates, we’ll help you make sure you’re equipped with a plan to protect yourself, your family, and your business. We’ll create a blueprint for you, tailored to your small business and its particular needs, to ensure that you’ll have the financial freedom you deserve to have moving forward. 

We're All Facing A Crisis of Our Own Right Now, And Its Completely Beyond Our Control.

Let us help you find the relief you’re looking for, staring with the very first steps.

you are not alone

What We Can Do:

Our expertise lies with helping small businesses recover from precarious financial situations. We have multiple areas of practice that we can use to resolve your situation.

  • Modify Mortgages
  • Commercial Loans
  • Creditor & Supplier Disputes
  • Foreclosure Defense & Bankruptcy