Halloween Havoc: Harmless Fun or Criminal Behavior

The day after Halloween is typically filled with leftover candy and possibly a bellyache but if you woke up November 1st to find your home and/or property damaged you’ve got a whole other ache to deal with. Take a look at our list of offenses from The Lawrence A. Garvey Law Firm to determine if someone will need a criminal defense attorney.


To a bunch of rowdy kids trespassing may seem innocuous, but it can quickly turn into a serious crime. Being on someone’s property illegally,or without permission is in fact trespassing. While Halloween night opens homeowners up to blurred lines, destroying property is always a crime, no matter how cute your costume is.

Criminal trespassing, or negligent trespassing; also known as  breaking and entering is when a someone enters into, or onto your property without your knowledge. Criminal trespassing ranges from entering a domain without the owner’s knowledge or permission to robbery or vandalism.


  • Intentional property damage of up to $500.
  • Unlawful entry into property, including homes, apartments, buildings, land, motor vehicles and so on.

  • Depending on its severity and where you live a criminal trespassing charge can be a small violation, or it could range all the way up to a felony, which can result in jail time.

Are you unsure if you have a case? Did you wake up Halloween morning to find your home, property or belongings damaged. Are you on the other side of the coin? Have your, or your child been charged with criminal trespassing and need a criminal defense lawyer to represent you, contact Garvey & Associates. We have extensive experience, and are highly rated criminal defense attorneys.

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